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It always seems so tenuous to me when I order on the internet because colors, in particular, never seem to come thru as well as the real product.  You cannot imagine my JOY at receiving these earrings today and finding out that they are even more beautiful than on your internet page.  Thank you so much for being so creative and talented. Also, I will say that your packaging is well above the norm and much appreciated.

Jerry Daynes

"Bonnie, you are very artistic, brave and amazing with color. You are the consummate professional, a joy to work with and know. You have heart, style and unwavering integrity! Success is a given." - Lisa Kahn Macko -

“When our clients first lay eyes on the Bonnie Reeves Jewelry Collection, you can hear a tiny gasp as they point to the piece that caught their attention. - And they fall in love. - We are in love! Every time new pieces arrive.


Bonnie has a remarkable sense for the extra-ordinary, that one-of-a-kind work of wearable art we all want to own. Simple elegance or playful sparkle, Bonnie’s eye for color and design is uncanny. Each piece of jewelry is created with precision, quality craftsmanship, and great passion.” 

Antje Gillingham, Curator - Hawaiian Artisans, Kauai

Bonnie!!!!! The pieces are absolutely stunning!!!  I gave the earrings and Grays bracelet to my mom tonight and she cried. We gave them to her as a 4 year anniversary gift of being Cancer free!!! The boys are gifting the other Grays bracelet to Prestons mom tomorrow and she will more than likely cry too!! We’re sending the last bracelet to Nana in Washington! You blessed our family SO MUCH! Thank you so much! I will make sure to send EVERYONE your way!!! You are so talented!


Exquisite- extremely beautiful; delicate
Remarkable- WORTHY of attention; striking
I was looking for a special gift for my mother. I am so blessed to have my mother. A precious gift that I will NEVER take for granted. I’m so thankful for the gift of her unconditional love, support, kindness and friendship. I needed to celebrate this moment. 4 YEARS completely cancer free. This moment is WORTHY of attention and extremely beautiful and so are the beautiful hand crafted pieces from All That Glitters with Bonnie !!! Her pieces are EXQUISITE & REMARKABLE, just like my moms journey!! There’s nothing like handcrafted jewelry made with the absolute best jewels just for YOU!!! Bonnie Ventis THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I am definitely a happy happy customer!
- Kimberly Williams -

"The personal touch Bonnie puts into each piece of jewelry is stunning, from the smallest clasp to the color of gems and stones will speak to your heart! I’ve been acquiring Bonnie’s pieces for several years. My favorite is the translucent 3 drop earrings. I can wear them with my hair up for a night on the town, or simply to compliment my favorite pair of jeans” - Jackie Moran -

“Bonnie is a true artist. Wearing her one of kind jewelry is wearing a beautiful piece of art. Whenever I wear a piece, I can guarantee compliments. People Notice!”

- Jody Alexander -

"Earthy yet elegant. Simple yet sophisticated. Affordable yet luxurious. Bonnie’s designs are for every woman." - Sherrie Bash Stelik

“ OMG Bonnie, your pieces are exquisite, Your craftsmanship is perfection“ 

-Nancy Shebby -

“Your work is beautiful, I Love my necklace”

- Diane Henson -

“Each piece is stunning, that you enjoy creating them shows” 

Bonnie’s creations are exquisite! - Joyce Sutera -

I love my red creek jasper earrings & red rock amazonite/coral necklace- beautifully made with gorgeous clasps (so overlooked by most jewelry makers!) The website was so easy to navigate, purchase & shipping was quick. Bonnie- you are  a creative genius. 

- Margaret M. -

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